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December 2008

Hull City Continue to Impress

Hull City Continue

The magical season for Hull City continues as they got another point after a very hard fought 1-1 game against another Premier League newcomer Stoke City. Currently Hull city is sitting in sixth place, the demand for Hull City jerseys continues to get more popular by the day. What fascinates the demand for these jerseys? Well all we can say is that they are the Cinderella team that fans worldwide are starting to fall in love with. This was a team coming into the Premier League and were probably hoping to just hang in there and not get relegated and pick up new players and make a run at the mid table next year. With a very winnable game coming up next against Middlesbrough, they will have to make sure they get a tie or win because they will then face Liverpool who currently sits atop the Premier League. A win against Liverpool would send more shockwaves across England in letting everyone know once again that Hull City is for real and possibly ruining any chance Liverpool had in ending the season with the most points.

Well we at really hope Hull can continue their winning ways and continue to climb in the Premier League as it only makes the season more fun and it gives soccer fans all around with something to talk about.

For soccer fans that want to relive the magical moments when Hull City were promoted to the Premier League, please watch the video below, it highlights the days events and the game played.