Top 5 Best Goalkeeper Gloves

A goalkeeper’s position in a team can be of great importance, he can truly save the entire game. And, the most crucial piece of equipment for the goalkeepers are the gloves. Holding the ball in order to secure it and save it from opposite team is obviously the most important task. And, because of that reason, it is very bad if gloves fall during a match.

The difference between the good effort and the outstanding save can be a great difference depending on the high-quality pair of gloves. The gloves enable to ensure a far better grip when goalkeeper catches the ball, and also a stable protection for the palms and fingers, and help to punch, and block, and catch better. They are mostly crafted from the combination of synthetic latex and natural foam. You will find the top 5 Gloves for soccer goalkeeper right here.


Buying guide

What kind of goalkeeper glove is the best option for you?

You must, as a goalkeeper ensure that you have the top-quality gloves that make total unity with your bare hands. Characters and tastes of the goalkeepers can be so different, and some prefer tight fit or a loose feel, while others tend to feel them as a part of their hands -not noticing that they wear them at all.

Some basic practical matters like a fit, fingers technology, size and weather conditions are not the only thing that you need to consider. You really need to be aware of your own personal experience when you have the gloves on because they are really like the extensions of your arms. All depends not only on your personal maturity, taste and abilities, but you need to know the most valued answer- why have you become a goalkeeper?

How much do you practice?

Do you need the gloves for the practicing or for the real matches? For the first type, you need a product which is durable, for the other you need the quality of the fit and finger protection. Many things here depend on the strength of your fingers, and other body traits, it’s not only about the size.

It is recommended to have at least two pairs of them, one for the training and, of course, other for the matches. Cheaper are for the first practical reason of constant training, other must be more costly. Money matters here, and cost truly shows the real picture of quality here, and there are no many exceptions.

Basic traits


Gloves always come in different sizes that are similar to shoes, and, of course, this is the first fact you have to consider when you buy a pair of gloves. They mostly start at 4 size number for the kids and go to the number 12 for the adult ones. Most producers and brand offer half sized models, but they are not so popular in some areas )For example, in the US). The majority of the companies possess a sizing chart with the packet. But sometimes those sizes differ greatly and the chart is pretty worthless then.

The one and only right path to discover the right size are to try them, to put the gloves on. You may notice that 9 in one kind fits you well, but in another pair, they are not so well fitting. Also, the tighter are the gloves the more pressure they make. But, most of them are made from materials that are flexible for the body, which mold easily to the hand. Be aware that size that is for you is different in each of the brands, and then will you be able to buy them without trying them before.

Goalkeeper girl


Among the most crucial factors in the buying of the goalkeeper gloves is fit. A very sloppy fit is a bad thing during the catching of the ball. Well, overly large glove and sloppy fit are not the same things, but you have to know that various goalkeepers like a looser fit at the fingertips. And, on the contrary, some will wear them too tight. In that case caching is more difficult but that will prevent fingers spreading.

A glove that fits nice deserves to be on the top priorities list of the every serious goalkeeper. There are a few things that can show the quality of the fit. For example, the cut. Various cuts on the gloves are very important trait and the basic ones are the gun cut or rolled, flat, negative cuts, bowl, and hybrid types.

Flat give more room, and Gunn give a snug fit. Negative cuts provide very tight fit, and hybrids are a combination of different cuts. It is recommended to experiment with various types to find a best one for you. The wrist is always vastly overlooked feature and the securing strap, and you should consider that too.

The closures

There are three really different kinds off closures, the bandage, elastic, and slit wrist. The first are an elastic piece that is the most secure kind of fit protection, but they are the most problematic for removal, and some think that they are too restrictive. Elastic are a loose and flexible opening a fine ribbon of sewn all around the closure and are far easier to get off, but also quite less supportive than the bandage type. Slit wrist is also more similar to the elastic type, and the less costly have those kinds of a closure.

Finger Protection

Hyperextension is the kind of hand injury prevented by the gloves, and this is yet another important trait, especially in indoor plays. Tape protects from kicked and stabbed finger and not the gloves. There are finger safe gloves that possess a lack of finger strength, and they are not the recommended choice.

Glove Body

There are various gloves for different weather conditions. Latex, mesh, PU (Polyurethane), synthetic waterproof matter, and fleece are widely used as gloves materials for those various conditions. PU is most often used, and fleece is good in cold climates. Oan the contrary mesh is great for the warmer places. You must choose a goalkeeper glove that offers the finest temperature control and stability inside it, but not only those that fit different climates and weather.

Palm Latex

There are many palm options for the money for the every possible level of the game. Shock absorption and, in bad conditions, classic additional grip are the objectives of the goalkeeper, and factors included during your choosing of the glove latex are weather conditions, the level of the game, and field type.

Softer palm means the far better grip, but less durability, and also the opposite examples are known. And it is wise to choose a thickness level which suits you well. Some prefer a thinner type of palm, and that can give more feel. Take good care of the goalkeeping gloves and, of course, moist the palm. And, also, washed gloves last quite longer.

Best products reviews

Best compact goalkeeper gloves

Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Bionik+ X-Change

Uhlsport Ergonomic Absolutgrip Bionik+ X-Change

This pair of gloves offers outstanding protection, grip, and fine comfort. An ABSOLUTGRIP patent really provides these products with strong shot protection, but also more than the extraordinary type of grip during various good and bad weather conditions. Very adjustable and smooth system on the fingers too.

It is useful to say that the backhand is nicely created from latex with a Shock zone that is micro-injected and that surely provides very good performances and strong and firm cushioning during punching away. They truly deserve to be the first place on this goalkeeping gloves list.


  •  Patented palm (ABSOLUTGRIP PLUS); normal cut; wrap-around closure with personalization
  •  Great Design
  •  Micro-injected SchockZone, superb punching performance
  •  Removable BIONIKFRAME
  •  Soft and hard sleeves for the frame


  •  Costly

These gloves really deserve to be the first place here mainly because of their excellent design and palm.

Best waterproof goalkeeper gloves

Kixsports KixGK Raptor

Kixsports KixGK Raptor

Great quality grip and padding, but not only that. These products are full of innovations and are excellent for the winter circumstances. Cold hands can make 90 minutes of the game so miserable so these are helping you to stay comfortable, dry and warm with great design technology.

Well, originally made for the astronauts, this technology buffers nasty temperature swings, and greatly absorbs any excess of the body heat as it’s created then firmly releases it during your experiences of vile temperature changes. They got really nice delivery and are really comfortable.


  •  Professional gloves
  •  Lightweight
  •  Great comfort
  •  Durable
  •  Added grip and control during ball handling


  •  Slightly less durable

These lightweight and comforting gloves deserve the second place on this list. They got really the great weatherproof quality.

Best goalkeeper gloves for beginners

Kixsports KixGK Fervor

Kixsports KixGK Fervor

These high-quality level Puma brand goalkeeping competition gloves possess a 4mm Ultimate Latex palm grip and also Puma’s Flextec finger patented and fine protection which saves fingers from potential hyperextension by a firm locking (at 180 degrees). A good thumb that is twin wrap really maximizes flexible latex to contact the ball, and also the cool tooling (anatomically spread) follows in the stable manner the both hands natural and normal shape and also the contours for ultimate comfort.

This is the truly great set and brand. If you have a kid that plays keeper I warmly recommend this product. Firstly I thought that these are only a fine set of training gloves but they are better than that to the extent that they are great for the regular game. They do possess as great quality of finger support as some other products but have a far better foam on the backhand and the palm, and great grip control.


  •  Professional gloves
  •  Lightweight
  •  Great comfort
  •  Very durable
  •  Fine grip control


  •  Not very great finger support

The third place on this review, KixGK Raptor Goalkeeper Gloves deserved it because of their nice versatility and durability.

Best low budget goalkeeper gloves

Nike GK Spyne Pro

Nike GK Spyne Pro

The Nike brand gloves appear in the Premier League by various goalkeepers such as Tim Howard, De Gea, and Szczesny. The Nike GK Spyne also, as other Nike products, nicely created by a very special type of construction with fingers of rolled foam to give the ability for the really best available fit.

A fine wristband tunnel firmly secures the both hands within the gloves. This product has slightly slimmer fit, but it is also far less bulk either. Spines really provide very firm support without being too much stiffed.


  •  Wraparound Wristband
  •  3 mm Latex Foam Super-Soft Grip
  •  Pre-Curved Technology Fine Design
  •  Great protection
  •  Affordable


  •  The weaker threading can start to tear out
  •  Not so durable

Overall, this pair of gloves is the great product, because they offer fine protection for the less than moderate amount, and are also good looking, so I highly recommend them.

The best highly-durable goalkeeping gloves

Reusch Soccer Waorani Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec LTD

Reusch Soccer Waorani Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec LTD

The goalkeeper Julio Cesar like this brands gloves very much, and that is not without a good reason. And they are made from the top-quality Ultrasoft latex. The Reusch Soccer Waorani Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec LTD Gloves have the innovative combination and cool design plus they are among the best gloves when it comes to sheer durability.

This is an impressive product that has also an air mesh air vent system that is really highly breathable and ensures the best possible ventilation. These gloves are really impressive because they got the tacky palm, and the fingertips made from silicon are truly fantastic, also backhand is great. Ortho-tech does the huge job as always and, despite few fingertips saves, the fingers with these pair of gloves work so nice.


  •  The Ultrasoft G2 foam
  •  Thumb Crotch (3-D)
  •  Very durable
  •  Great finger protection


  •  Costly

The last place on this list are these extremely durable and comfortable products. They are simply worth the cost, and I warmly recommend them for the more experienced and older goalkeepers.


Finding the best pair of gloves for a goalkeeper is not an easy task. The best available one could wrap around the finger and hand smoothly while at the same time being able to give a firm ample shot, great stopping protection with the highly long-lasting lightweight package and sticky grip. All these characteristics are very difficult to be combined in one single product as such, so some of these traits must be compromised to some extent in favor of another one.

Perhaps, some lightweight ones are not durable enough, and the tastes can be quite different among the goalkeepers. But, presented on this list were the five examples of top-quality goalkeeper gloves which combine fine traits, and most important of them is protection which cannot be unwisely sacrificed to attain more durability.

Overall, I should suggest the Uhlsport Ergonomic Bionik+ X-Change Gloves as the must valued and completely versatile performer on this detailed list. It glove combines outstanding customization and traits with a great protection, fit and grip in a long-lasting, high-performance package. Also, their wrist support is also quite good and they provide superb support where it is needed the most. I also hope that you will find what you need right here and that you will be pleased with this review.


The Advantage of Indoor Soccer Shoes

Soccer is a very popular sport that everybody loves. It has become children’s favorite game. Even in video games, soccer is the most played game. But why do people like it? The answer is simple because it is a game where everyone can participate even when you are just watching.

indoor soccer

There are many reasons why many people love soccer. There are those who love it because of the sport itself. Anyone can play it. Height does not matter at all. You can even play it anywhere. There are also those who like it because of the World Cup. The World Cup is bringing together all countries every four years. That’s because of soccer. If your country wins during the World Cup, just imagine how proud you might be. Another reason is that the teamwork it teaches. There will be teams when playing soccer. A team must have a good teamwork for them to win. Another is, it makes you build a long lasting friendship with other people. When you join a tea, you will get to know with other people in that team. Since you are on one team, you tend to hang out together more often.

There are still so many reasons why people love this game. Soccer can be played both indoor and outdoor. Playing it indoor means playing it inside the arena, or a vast closed area. But have you ever realized that playing this game requires a good quality of shoes especially when playing the indoor soccer? The player must wear indoor soccer shoes when playing it indoors. There are advantages why and here are as follows:


  • It helps you balance. When you wear best indoor soccer shoes, it is helping you keep your balance and avoid injuries. It also helps you avoid slipping. The structure of the shoes itself as intended for running and cutting.
  • The uppers of the shoes are made of natural materials, including leather, kangaroo, and calf-skin which help control the ball when you grip.
  • It has a gum-rubber that is ideal for turning. Sometimes, a running shoe can be tempting to use in playing soccer but it can’t control the ball.
  • Indoor soccer shoes have fit spikes on any surface that is possible. Therefore, it is not a big deal if you play soccer in any place you wanted.

Playing this game may be too risky. You need to have the right and complete equipment, especially when in a tournament. Shoes are one of the biggest concerns for this kind of game. Choosing the good shoes when playing soccer is not that hard though. You do not need to be confused whether you use running shoes or indoor soccer shoes. Do not be tempted by the style of other shoes. You have to remember that the shoes play an important role in playing the game. If you desire for a win, use the shoes that fit in, the shoes that fit in for the game. Another thing that is important is, you enjoy the game and you give the best shot to win. No matter how good your equipment is, but if you don’t play well, you cannot enjoy the game.

Shopping for Football Cleats

The Gridiron season is fast approaching so its time to consider what the best style of football cleat is to purchase. Your game will either be enhanced or hindered by your choice. Good cleats should above all be comfortable and effective adding to your game skills, keeping the enjoyment, all to help reach your potential.

football boot

Shoe Style

First thing to consider is the style of shoe upper you prefer, whether you want extra ankle support or you are happy to have lower cut soccer style shoes or something in between.

  • High top shoes offer the greatest ankle support especially against sprains from lateral movement, where linemen are more at risk.
  • Mid-cut shoes while still offering some ankle support do restrict full maneuverability; this style suits players in skill positions requiring more deft movements – backs and receivers.
  • Low cut styles are less popular on the whole but some players of the skill positions prefer them because they are very lightweight and allow a lot of easy movement around the field but they offer less support or protection from ankle injuries.


Shoe Materials

Any of the above shoes uppers can be made of a number of materials, either from leather of different synthetics.

Leather is durable, breathes well to reduce sweat, generally moulds well to a players individual foot shape and retains flexibility of cared for. They do tend to be in the more expensive ranges.

Synthetics are generally not as breathable as leather but developments are changing this aspect. Even if the shoe leather they may have some synthetic components to increase stability and provide reinforcement. Fully synthetic shoes tend to be on the less expensive end of the price spectrum.


Cleat Types

When considering the most suitable cleat for your games think about your particular league regulations as well as your personal choice. Cleats which are actually spikes attached under the shoe can be either detachable or molded to the shoe.

It is fairly self explanatory that molded cleats cannot be changed so will be designed for general playing situations and various playing surface and are usually cheaper . Those designed for turf surfaces usually have rubber cleats that offer spring and traction to the player. If you play on both turf and artificial surfaces then you will need a multipurpose cleat.

Shoes with detachable cleats have the advantage they can be changed for different surfaces, hard or soft turf, artificial grass and the can be replaced or if damaged or worn out. Shorter studs are better on firm surfaces, longer on deeper or wetter when traction is required. However the wrong studs for surface may increase risk of injury. Be aware that longer studs while seeming more stable may be so unyielding that joints like knees are more prone to injury.

Detachable studs can be made of various materials including plastic, metal or rubber so again always be aware of league requirements. Sizes available are 1/2-, 5/8-, 3/4- and 1-inch.

Keep your shoes and cleats in good condition with regular cleaning and in the case of leather use good conditioning products. Carry spare laces too – no lace, no shoe, no game.

New York Red Bulls Soccer Team

The New York Red Bulls are an American soccer club situated in Harrison, New Jersey. The group plays in the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer (MLS). It is one of the ten contract clubs of MLS, having there in the group since its beginning in 1996 (however initially known as New York/New Jersey MetroStars and from 1998 to 2005 season as MetroStars). On March 9, 2006, the group was sold to Red Bull GmbH, prompting the group’s present name. The group is one of two MLS establishments to New York, alongside New York City FC.

The Red Bulls won the Supporters’ Shield in 2013 and 2015. The group’s earlier best result in a MLS season was achieving the MLS Cup last in 2008. In the US Open Cup, the MetroStars achieved three semi-finals (1997, 1998, 2000), preceding achieving their first trophy last in 2003, losing 1–0 to the Chicago Fire.

At the point when MLS recompensed New York an establishment in the class’ inaugural season, the newcomer New York/New Jersey MetroStars moved rapidly to concrete themselves as a group deserving of the biggest business sector in the US. Their first marking, Tab Ramos, was the main player to sign on with MLS and a veteran of the 1994 World Cup with the US national group. Hard on Ramos’ heels came ’94 fellow team member Tony Meola and AC Milan whiz Roberto Donadoni.

Regardless of the star control, the Metros battled. In their first amusement at Giants Stadium, protector Nicola Caricola scored an own objective to give the meeting New England Revolution a 1-0 win. Whether justified or not, the MetroStars’ playoff battles in the resulting seasons were credited to the “Scourge of Caricola,” and the group’s best complete came in 2000 when they lost in the playoff elimination rounds to the Chicago Fire.

In 2006, as yet deficient with regards to a noteworthy trophy, Red Bull obtained the group and gave their name to the previous MetroStars. The Red Bulls made it to MLS Cup in 2008, losing to the Columbus Crew in the last, and in 2010 the club initiated another home, Red Bull Arena, to end their tenure at the Meadowlands. The 2010 season likewise denoted the entry of fabulous striker Thierry Henry and Mexican national group chief Rafa Marquez, however the Designated Player-team are only the most recent in a long line of prominent players who have yet to win New York a desired local title

Notable Players

Bradley Wright-PhillipsJuan Pablo AngelGiovanni SavareseTim HowardMike PetkeJozy AltidoreClint MathisTab RamosMichael BradleyEddie GavenRafa MarquezLothar MatthausSeth StammlerAmado GuevaraYouri DjorkaeffJohn WolyniecRoberto DonadoniTony MeolaTim ReamDave Van Den BerghJeff ParkeDane RichardsJoel LindpereThierry HenryTim Cahill


The joint efforts its home amusements in Red Bull Arena, in Harrison, New Jersey, which opened for the 2010 MLS season. Already the group played at Giants Stadium, where they had played their home matches from 1996 until the end of the 2009 season. The stadium was situated in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The group’s base camp is situated in Harrison. The stadium has a 25,189 seating limit.


The Red Bulls’ main opponent is D.C. Joined together; against whom they go after the Atlantic Cup. The New England Revolution and the Philadelphia Union are additionally rivals of the Red Bulls. The Red Bulls had not fully ended the Revolution at the last’s home venue Gillette Stadium for a long time, until a 2–0 win on June 8, 2014, escalating the contention. These contentions emerge out of geographic closeness and as an impression of longstanding competitions between New York-region groups and different clubs in Washington, D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia.

Club records and statistics

•All-Time full season record: 235 wins, 121 draws, 244 loses, (Through November 29, 2014)

•Scored the quickest goal in Major League Soccer history (7 seconds into the game versus the Philadelphia Union on October 18, 2015 at Red Bull Arena

The Best 2009 MLS Jersey

Looking through the new adidas Major League Soccer jersey designs this year we have come to the conclusion that the soccer jerseys for this years teams are all well done. It seems not too long ago that when the league first started out the jerseys looked like a bunch of crayons threw up on a canvas and then a soccer jersey was created. The jerseys had ugly neon colors mixed with other neon colors and the patterns were jagged, a far cry from a good looking soccer jersey, just take a look below at the first collection of the inaugural Major League Soccer jerseys from 1996.

NYK01:SPORT-SOCCER-MSL:NEW YORK,17OCT95 - 'Major League Soccer' Chairman Alan Rothenberg (rear 3rd from left) stands with players dressed in the official uniforms of the new professional league that will begin play in April, 1996, at a news conference in New York, October 17, to unveil the team names, logos, uniforms, and official ball. The teams pictured clockwise from top left, are: New York/New Jersey Metro Stars, Colorado Rapids, Washington "DC United," New England Revolution, Kansas City Wiz, Tampa Bay Mutiny, San Jose Clash, Columbus Crew, Los Angeles Galaxy and the Dallas Burn. ms/Photo by Mike Segar REUTERS
NYK01:SPORT-SOCCER-MSL:NEW YORK,17OCT95 – ‘Major League Soccer’ Chairman Alan Rothenberg (rear 3rd from left) stands with players dressed in the official uniforms of the new professional league that will begin play in April, 1996, at a news conference in New York, October 17, to unveil the team names, logos, uniforms, and official ball. The teams pictured clockwise from top left, are: New York/New Jersey Metro Stars, Colorado Rapids, Washington “DC United,” New England Revolution, Kansas City Wiz, Tampa Bay Mutiny, San Jose Clash, Columbus Crew, Los Angeles Galaxy and the Dallas Burn. ms/Photo by Mike Segar REUTERS

Now we are 14th season and the soccer uniforms that MLS has is a 1000% improvement from when the league first started. Like we said, we really do like the soccer jerseys from the teams this year, but the team that has the best overall home and away jersey has to go to the Houston Dynamo. First of all the orange and white combination goes extremely well together, they kept it nice and simple by using only two colors and each jersey has the color of the neckline coming from the collar and swaying throughout the body of the jersey. The Houston Dynamo home jersey gets special praise for it’s vibrant orange color and crisp look, if you look closely within the body of the jersey you’ll see a sublimation design that almost looks like sun rays coming from the jersey that keeps with their Forever Orange motto.

The Houston Dynamo dominated the Western Conference last season and they will be looking to build upon that this season to capture another MLS title. While we can’t guarantee that they will come out on top at the end of the season, we can say that the Houston Dynamo jersey should win all awards for the best looking MLS jersey for the 2009 season.

If you want to purchase either the Houston Dynamo home jersey or the Houston Dynamo away jersey, all you need to do is click on the jersey links below.

Hull City Continue to Impress

Hull City Continue

The magical season for Hull City continues as they got another point after a very hard fought 1-1 game against another Premier League newcomer Stoke City. Currently Hull city is sitting in sixth place, the demand for Hull City jerseys continues to get more popular by the day. What fascinates the demand for these jerseys? Well all we can say is that they are the Cinderella team that fans worldwide are starting to fall in love with. This was a team coming into the Premier League and were probably hoping to just hang in there and not get relegated and pick up new players and make a run at the mid table next year. With a very winnable game coming up next against Middlesbrough, they will have to make sure they get a tie or win because they will then face Liverpool who currently sits atop the Premier League. A win against Liverpool would send more shockwaves across England in letting everyone know once again that Hull City is for real and possibly ruining any chance Liverpool had in ending the season with the most points.

Well we at really hope Hull can continue their winning ways and continue to climb in the Premier League as it only makes the season more fun and it gives soccer fans all around with something to talk about.

For soccer fans that want to relive the magical moments when Hull City were promoted to the Premier League, please watch the video below, it highlights the days events and the game played.